1 BHK Apartment Lodha Amara, Thane

Brief: Design a flat in a Rustic look and should be mood changer once entered.

Project year : 2019

Requirement to be fitted: Meditation space,Musical keyboard,Bar counter,Dinning table and Book shelf.

Concept: Small space masters the change in maximum use as an entertainment friendly space which blends the materials with energing colors and useful industrial elements. The detailed surfaces are design elements and added layers that can be removed and replaced back to look the space to its original conditions. The Apartment is fitted with wood, bricks, concrete, white and beige finishes and industrial details with grey and black elements.The floor of the whole apartment is in oak wood in white and beige tone.The bar counter connects the kitchen and living area. Dinning table is a part of the panelling can be opened as per the requirement to maximize the space.The use of dark and light colours gives the coziness in the bedroom.


Samir Deolekar

Plot Area:

450 SQ.ft